Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kokedama - String Gardening


Kokedama (translation "moss ball") is a Japanese art technique. In the original Japanese art form, the root system of the plant is removed from its container. This root system is then encapsulated in a mud cake which consists of peat moss, akadama or bonsai soil in fixed proportions.This entire formulation is then bound within a large sheet of sphagnum moss with a string approx 3 yards long. 
These art creations with real bonsai plants are then displayed on a platform. 
Chinese Jade kokedama (1 year old)

But this was not enough, so Fedor Van der Valk of Netherlands, went a step further and suspended this moss ball from a pulley. Acknowledged as the king of contemporary kokedama, his tiny manipulation to this art form has opened new horizons of decor using living plants.
Spider kokedama

We at CoppeR BrainS have perpetuated this art form to all plants found in our environment, and not just to bonsai. Mumbai being the busiest cosmopolitan of our country, there is an essential lack of space and time in human lives. String gardens are a very contemporary way to incorporate plant life into your home. They make for a masterpiece array in your modern homes. 
Yellow Lantana kokedama
Santa brought us many gifts to fill up all the space under our cute hanging X'mas kokedama ;)
Juniper kokedama

Kokedama  isn't exactly carefree. Depending on the weather and the type of plant used, plants will need watering twice a week or more. Wilting of leaves is definitely not the best sign to watch for to judge if the plant needs watering. We suggest you to feel the moss ball with your bare hands. Check the weight and moisture on the moss. If the kokedama feels light or the moss is comparatively dry its a tell-tale sign that the plant needs a good watering. Submerge the plant in a small bucket of water for 5-10 mins and hang it somewhere for the water to drain off. Once it stops dripping you can bring it back to its display position.
An esoteric kokedama display

You can drop by at our studio in Borivali to have a look at these unique creations and get one made for yourself as well.

We make these Kokedamas here in Mumbai itself with a lot of love and passion. All you green lovers would find it quite fascinationg for sure. You can always also drop by at any of our exhibitions near you, to see them on display adorning our kiosks.

  Have a happy time enjoying a kokedama drama of your own!!! :)

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