Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Step...

               In the world we live in today, which profoundly lacks in greenery, where we literally have the effects of global warming breathing down our necks, it is a beautiful respite to go to the beach or even take an early morning or evening walk amidst any type of greenery around us. Be it the local park near your homes or the infamous Juhu chowpatty or a walk down the marine drive promenade. In a city that never sleeps, I wonder how many of us really have the time to look up and catch a glimpse of the trees above our heads while we are walking…somehow dodging the road painted with spit seems to overtake more of our attention than these simple pleasures that mother nature always so selflessly obliges. The few of us, who realize how selfish we have been, hold up protests almost every week against deforestation and uprooting the last shred of nature left around our very own houses in the form of mangroves or the few trees left mercifully dotting our sidewalks. Thus we need to take vacations to go to a place far away which is radically different from our current situations. Some place where our hearts and minds would be refreshed. Some place where we can walk on silken grass with our loved ones in peaceful anarchy. It is that feeling exactly, which all of us crave so deeply. Thus we have “hill stations” and “resorts” and “overseas” to go to, to bring us that feeling. But we at CoppeR BrainS dare to think differently. Why can’t we have a piece of Mother Nature right in our homes!!! So we can look at it and have that same peaceful pulse running down our spine every time we want to. Why not have a miniature beach right in our eyesight. Why not have a piece of the forest with a river trickling down from the woods, right into our homes.
Essayist Scot Russell Sanders in his Promethean inspired tale ‘The Terrarium’ describes a socially engineered world within earth itself where pieces and materials of nature are used to create the Enclosure. The Enclosure was created after the earth was rendered uninhabitable after it was plagued by pollution.  It is a life sized, albeit intriguing, fictional idea which we at CoppeR BrainS have tried to bring into a contemporary living reality. In a space starved society where we look outside our windows only to be peeking into another man’s window, we try to remember when was the last time there was a huge tree in its place and you could see a sparrow relentlessly feeding its newly spawned young ones, or an adorable chipmunk foraging for nuts.  So we decided to come up with something, so that you have to look no further than your bedside table!!! Yes that is what a terrarium is. It is a self-controlled self-sustained microcosmic ecosystem all in itself. We give you a piece of nature itself, to keep in your homes however space starved you may be. We have something for everyone!!! This is our small effort where we really wish to revolutionize and reinforce people to live au naturale.

                For all the love of nature that is left within the rare corners of our hearts, this effort we hope will strengthen that pillar of our humanity. We sometimes believe that we humans have made everything and everything possible too. But on the contrary the truth can never change. Nature is where we come from and that is where we perish. If one can’t simply cherish this age old balance that our planet has struck then I believe its about time we remind them.

      Let every single being realize of this small tiny eco system, which he or she can play God to. All it requires is a little admiration and it will definitely reflect a smile. Yes!! Admiration is all it requires, no care or maintenance. All you have to do is take it home and be happy. It’s a world in itself. A balance struck world. It will garner its strength from within itself.


There is a difference between saying, that change is hard to achieve and saying that the average person will never do anything. One is a challenge, and the other is a cause for despair. We at CoppeR BrainS have decided to take on the challenge.

Like Peter Marshall says - Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

             This is our first step...

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