Tuesday, February 5, 2013



    Routine, schedule, appointments and meetings. A part of our daily lives, give or take, we are left with a couple hours, out of the entire day. Now what do we do with this time???

   Obviously, eat, watch T.V.,go facebooking and worry about the next day to come. Well we aren't incapable of doing anything else apart from the aforementioned, we just do not have the will.. At Copper Brains we sought a different life, a beautiful and classy but economic and easy on pocket and lately it is spelled as DIY.

    Numerous Do It Yourself projects are being highlighted everywhere, mostly on the world wide web but all we common people do is either criticize them or plainly be awestruck, then the most we do is press "SHARE"
    It reads DIY, meaning 'DO IT YOURSELF' and that for a reason. A lot of common ideas if put to use can beautify your living space and also save some money and we at Copper Brains have put it to the test. Guess what! it does really work. A few hours spent and a little efforts taken, much can be achieved, all you need is the basic tools and the 'WILL' to do it.

    Let me bring to you one such DIY which emerged out of need.

   Space crunch and a lot of stuff to keep. All settled, where is the space for a wardrobe. The shirts were lying wrinkled. We PONDERED and finally came up with this idea >>>>

Well, It doesn't seem a lot of work, does it now?? We rummaged through some left over wood from the storage. Found few branches curved upwards and then came the tools. Let me show how the whole installation actually looks and works.

:) It works, definitely works. the purpose is served and the money saved and it does look appreciably good too. So every day life is as easy as you make of it. All you need to do is ponder and make your mind up. Let us show how we went about this DIY project and see if you guys want to try it too.

We cut the branch into desired sizes, minding the required length, shape and direction. 

 That done we cleaned them followed by a little sand papering for some loose shards.

Then we sought the base to assemble the cut branches and polished it clean.

Then we measured the sides and the distance we needed the branches apart from each other and drilled the holes for screwing.

And finally we are done with the installation.

            Hope you guys find this useful and fun to do. Do Ponder!!! 

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