Friday, March 16, 2012


                                     Life thrives on desires, desire to make, break and then make again. It could be hearts, homes or relations. As compelling as it is, it brings me to numerous turns, where i start feeling rooked and ennervated. All said and done, life still goes on and goes on with 'n' numbers of surprises along it's path. Instilled within me is the life that runs through this city,my city... MUMBAI. The smallest of places in this city, accomodate the largest of numbers and these are the ones who claim the most heart felt visuals and stories. One such place is the 'Kumbhar wada'.. The largest producers of earthen and ceramic pots, right in the heart of the city.

                               Not that I bid a tour of this city but it amazes me how wonderful of a canvas it provides for many art lovers. For a person like me it is a treasure chest, full of treasures to create art, photograph and create. The sole reason to write this section is to introduce the raw resources available to 'make, break and then make again' but this time i dont mean hearts, homes and relations. This time it is art which brings hope, awe and excitement to the life aforementioned.

                                   For me it was a vista of possibilities, I envisaged beauty and tried to capture it. It brought to me immense pleasure and peace, so the feel to share some of the clicks. Now art for me came in the form of photography, pottery as a thought and the latter endeavour I keep for another time.

                                 Finally an open window to close the section with some hope.. An open window to open the doors that lay closed or rooked for some reason.

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