Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Thought

Reflecting ME and ME
                There seems to be a mad rush for everything these days. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere or to get someone somewhere...if you understand what I mean? But amidst all this hustle, there comes a minute point where you are stationary. You wish you could move faster but you are helpless cause waiting is your only option and then for a while, you let go of the rush and take time to breathe and look around. What do you see?? Its amazing when you realize that all you see is your own reflection, just conformed in another body..
                Take time to breathe and to be yourself. Start what you really want to do, rather than being a reflection. I have started merely by doing the same. Bit by bit, I have reached 'this space' and would share some of my pensive thoughts with all of you.
                I proudly present to you my breathing space...CoppeR BrainS

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