Friday, August 31, 2012

Excuse the excuse.

       I feel kind of awkward returning after an age to my dash board. It's been long and I've managed my ignorance to writing or let's say, pursued it. It's magical how people get absorbed in their daily routine, reading articles, shedding bus tickets from the laundry, watching television and dozing off on the couch while doing that. Well all this was leisure, so you wouldn't want to know how work feels.

       Amidst all this world full of conformity, when do we unbridle? When do we stretch our limbs and reach out for things, more than staplers and hauling commute? When? Do we really not know the answer or are we all ignorant? I have short and long rendezvous with many people, its a part of my line of work. Most, unfortunately want to rant about their boring schedule, but surprisingly no one wants to do anything about it and when asked, why they don't? There is an array of excuses.

      I thought of putting the excuses away for a while and went on to 'living' the time that is given to me. There is a lot I like to do and there is a lot that I already do; sketching, tattooing, photographing etc etc. The task is to find time to do all this and the only way to do it is to excuse the excuses and move out of the shackled chores.

       A phone call to a pal, a random picked place and the date for the journey is fixed. Next pit stop, get the tickets reserved. That done, start feeling good about the forthcoming sabbatical. Yes! it is really that stupid, one just has to be stupid and do it. After the journey is over I realized that this stupidity landed me into some, memorable moments of life. It wasn't stupid anymore.

       So where did we go? What did we see? What did we do? Ain't this curious? The plan was, not to know the answers when we began. We hailed a vacation and jumped the train and shot off. The journey went on with giggles to booming laughs and the routine was lost. It simply vanished off our minds and we were imagining, what the destination would be like and what were we supposed to do? We made random plans, tried to go by them and sometimes swayed off them too. It was very easy to give away control and just take life as it comes. The 24 hours, which seemed so less before, seemed like a lifetime.

        What did we see? What did we do? Let me show you what I managed...

                       What we did is spent the time, we will cherish for our lifetimes. What we saw is the truth beyond smiles and greetings, we did as our hearts felt and as long as my opinion goes, I damn very much enjoyed it. So don't wait to excuse the excuse that ties you down to your cubicles. Be stupid and see how right it feels.

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