Thursday, November 7, 2013

The 9 day green journey

    With all the green we make and do, there is a force to reckon with. The Green People of India is teaching us and giving us all the options to practice what we and they preach! Thus was The Green People of India Festival 2.0 which we were a happy part of for 9 whole days. From 25th Oct 2013 to 2nd Nov 2013. It sought out small and big companies from all across India to bring under one roof/premises at the Birla Bungalow in Juhu. Providing all things green, organic and safe for the environment we live in and to safeguard it for all our generations to come. Needless to say it was a grand success with an even grander finale (For those who missed it, there is always one around the corner). 

An array of products on display included our infamous terrariums and kokedamas!
Among other things, we had organically dyed clothes, products of bamboo (this really cool bamboo pen we acquired), Pure cotton clothing lines, Solar Powered lights, Red Rice Dosas (the best!), Disposable plates made of dried leaves, etc. So all you green people out there stay tuned ;)

Amidst all the hustble bustle of the festivities, there are few people who we are glad, we got to know. So, we met some striking figures who took us on this 9 day green journey, not only by supporting us but also sojourning with us. Speculations and crunchy time schedules did not constrain Copper Brains when the lady behind the festival Mrs.Nidhi Singh welcomed us warmly, well John Abraham and other celebrities did their convincing too :P .

 So lets start with the pillars of the show. 

Glad to meet Mrs.Nidhi Singh (alongside her very own brand Indigreen)

The most photogenic Mr.Ashish and the ever helpful Mr.Venkat

And the man who captured it all Mr.Manoj Singh (though we captured him the best! ;))


      So a rally of known faces, some enthusiastic about the festival and some elated. We had an array of celebrities who enriched this 9 day journey. A few names that we were glad to see were:

Maria Goretti


VJ Gaelyn


Pooja Ruparel (Chutki of DDLJ)

         Among these famous faces there were also the ones that weren't very star clad and we were glad to make friends with these amazing people.Some of them we captured the rest are included anyways. Sai and Tejas you guys were really adorable..            

           We wouldn't want to leave out the super fab entertainment (courtesy of Alia Curmally) that enlightened the atmosphere of the festival. Some crazy guitars, harps and some soothing soulful vocals. To mention the artists, we had Dwayne Leroy Gamree, Kunal Naik, Alisha Pais and Nikhil Dsouza taking the mike.A big thank you to them all for entertaining us for the 9 days! 

For all the people who missed the Copper Brains' stall, here is a quick slide show...


           We were glad to have had such a wonderful time. And a big hug to all of you who dropped by to say hi!

Our event digital media partners put some show on. We were happy to see the founder Mr. Xavier Periera pose for us.

             We've missed out a lot more interesting personalities unfortunately here on this blog but we would like to thank all these amazing people for a wonderful 9 day green journey. We are proud to be a part and all you guys who haven't made it this time, make sure to stay tuned for the next venue..

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