Wednesday, March 14, 2012



                                      Well, for those of you, who have already guessed where these have been clicked, a quick flash back of the quaint celebration. For those who are yet wondering, let me introduce you to the crown of the city of Mumbai. THE KALA GHODA FESTIVAL at Kala Ghoda,Colaba. These were taken during the annual festival of the year 2012.
                  One may visit this place, full of enthusiasts, art lovers and a majority of 'just for fun' people. All these people who visit have variable reasons, several opinions and diverse outlooks about this one of a kind festival.. but what stays common among all, is the awe that the aura of this festival generates.
                      I look at it as something, which brings out the strong urge for change meandering through everybody's mind, an outlet to the monotonous crowd into a most requisite, 'difference'. what does every individual see?? I assume, all that satiates one's mind and senses and i affirm that the festival delivers to this.
                 Finally, I have put up something that i saw through my camera, something that i percieved, something that satisfied my mind and senses.