Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photography and the SUBJECT to be Photographed


                                    Time for some activity to come forth. Friends, like I mentioned in our earlier section about photography, this section will include some practical study of the elements of photography. To aid our reading, I have put up some of the shots clicked by my camera. In this section we will particularly speak of the 'subject' to be photographed, so get ready to imagine as many angles as you can for your perception.


                               Naked eye shows you everything and that is not very good for a photographer, is what I think. Now many varieties of cameras are available to us, some very meticulous and some just very handy. Whatever the camera, the subject remains constant, so if you don't own a high end gadget, let that not discourage you, for your subject makes a lot a difference too. A lot of things which seem very usual and non visual to the naked eye may prove to be very good subjects, so I recommend our young clickers to look at the surroundings through your camera and I gaurantee a whole different vista.

                               Start with smaller objects in the beggining, it gives a better perception towards the subject to be captured. There is always a limit as to how much you can capture in one frame, so be ready to move back and forth to get exactly what you need in the frame. I carry my camera always and any moment, if I see something interesting, I try to look at it through my camera and believe me, the camera shows me what is good and what is not. Yet for the ones who seek protocols, I will advise to just explore and not follow some list of do's and dont's, I believe that this influences one's own creativity and perception. Having no idea of deriving a subject works in favour of the photographer most of the times.

                                Now to become more statistical, I can classify subjects into few sets viz, landscapes, insects, flowers, people and living things in motion. Certainly this does not include every aspect of our section on subjects yet to start of, it does good. First of all, the subject should always be in ample lighting, that will help you from the technical manoeuvers of your gadget in the beggining.Try and look at the subject, first as your prime focus and then equally important at the background. A contrast in your subject and the background helps establish a good click.


                              Now take a look at some of the shots I managed to click. See if you find the subjects interesting. Envisage your surroundings and you should find some interesting SUBJECTS too. Dont' forget to try various angles with your camera and for a small tip :- DONT BE SHY OF THE OBSERVANT CROWD. So go ahead and explore, till we come up with some other helpful points. Till then 'Happy Clicking'

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